Resolving Architecture

Clarity in Design

Architecture is the design decisions required to achieve stakeholder consensus. Architecture is tough, especially as the number of stakeholders grows and bleeding-edge technology is being considered. How do we know if new technologies are hype or real?

Resolving Architecture focuses on providing that key work to determine which technologies are going to come through for your project ensuring the design and resultant implementation resolves all of your stakeholder desires and concerns while mediating critical risks.

Resolving Architecture is a team of international designers and developers lead by Brian Taylor. Brian has over 25 years experience as a software architect in a broad array of projects from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Let us leverage our experience to ensure your next success!


  • Architectural Design
    Minimal design to achieve stakeholder consensus
  • Proof-of-Concepts
    Risk mitigation for go/no-go
  • Prototypes
    Minimal working design for major funding
  • Transitions
    Transition to new designs
  • Decentralized Applications
    Designing and/or transitioning a centralized application to more decentralized
  • Project Leadership
    Lead small teams in implementation
  • Scalability
    Scalability design and constraints removal
  • Hourly Java/Rust
    Senior Java Developer by the hour for targeted development
  • Retainer
    Monthly guaranteed hours of development


To discuss our services, please contact us today by email or through LinkedIn.

We prefer payment in Bitcoin (BTC) but will accept USD.

Please check out our engagements below for examples of prior work.




Decentralized Censorship-Resistance

Censorship growing, privacy fading, and major currency debasement globally. We need to ensure free speech and money can be obtained and maitained without relying on others to protect it.

Designed and developed a prototype for ensuring censorship-resistance that could be embedded in software by mid-level developers using a desktop application as a demo.

Android personal app in progress that includes Communications, Bitcoin, Lightning, Escrows, and OpenPGP Decentralized IDentification (DIDs) for building reputation.

Java 8, JavaFX, Android, Rust, Bitcoin, Lightning, OpenPGP, I2P, Tor, Bluetooth, WiFiDirect, LiFi, GNURadio, Tika, Maven, Git, Linux, Redox, IntelliJ

Imagine Learning

Imagine Learning

Learning Assistance

Lead prototype of company's new flagship product; moved into backend developer role upon team expansion; maintained design oversight while handing off to engineering team.

Java, Spring, JWT/Okta, JDBI, PostgreSQL, Python, Git, Maven, IntelliJ, AWS



Decentralized BTC/Fiat Exchange

Worked to integrate 1M5 into Bisq. Due to Bisq design, determined to be too large an effort at the time and not the highest priority. June 2022 Tor was DDoS'd effectively rendering Bisq temporarily useless. Bisq v1 is very difficult to be used where Tor entrance nodes are IP blacklisted (e.g. China). Influenced Bisq v2 to include I2P.



Decentralized CDN

Decentralized Content Distribution Network (DCDN) from Harvard startup incubator. Founders failed to secure 2nd funding round.

Designed & built a PoC showcasing peer discovery with I2P; Neo4J for lowest, medium, and highest reliable & latency paths; Censorship-resistant P2P Communications with 1M5 (TOR, I2P, Bluetooth); Content pushed to other nodes based on random selections; Decentralized search based on cache nodes for speed, random nodes for full decentralization

Java 11, 1M5, OpenJFX 11, OpenJDK, Neo4J, Maven, Git (private until GA), Linux, IntelliJ, Android



Decentralized Addiction ML

Created mobile impairment evaluation PoC. Founder pivoted to larger scope project.

Java 8, Android, SQLite, Git (private until GA), Android Studio, Linux



Banking/Retail Marketing Real-Time Analytics

Major scalability issues with Greenplum.

Used Camel to orchestrate Greenplum parallel task (procedure) processing achieving a 40% gain in throughput with the same hardware.

Limited business scope; convinced to work towards expanding scope so banks could sell insights to retail with new prototype.

Designed and implemented a real-time (~50ms) 12k tps @ ~$4k/month on AWS marketing analytics (RFM) engine prototype without cloud vendor lock-in transitioning to engineers.

Company acquired by Alkami.

Java 8, Camel, Kafka, Storm, Cassandra, Drools, Greenplum, PostgreSQL, Clojure, Scala, Maven, Gitlab (private), AWS, Linux, IntelliJ

InStore Finance

InStore Finance

Self-Funded Loans

Reduced risk by fixing financial calculations.

Provided ongoing web app / mobile app / integration / db development & operations support.

Built Android app to better enable a new sales channel.

Java 8, Struts, Tiles, Spring, Hibernate, JSTL, HTML5/CSS3/Javascript/Jquery, MySQL, Android, Git (private), Linux, IntelliJ


VeDiscovery (DBA Heureka)

Legal Data Discovery

Successfully designed & implemented a parallel unstructured data processing software system resulting in greater than 10 times throughput with the same hardware using Java & Camel.

Successfully lead in the design and development of remote deployable data discovery processing agents with central final manual processing used for legal collections supporting unstructured data processing of very large data loads within short windows - a major court requirement.

Java 7, Karaf, Felix, Camel, CXF, ActiveMQ, Lucene, Tika, Git (private), Linux

Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams

Program Determination

Provided consulting on SOA/MDM programs recommending Enterprise Architecture program to CIO of Sherwin Williams. Company started program December 2015 after a retirement.

Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic

EIM Proposal

Assisted in writing a phase one proposal for a $20M EIM initiative winning a major SME hire for Cleveland Clinic.

Softechnics of Mettler-Toledo

SofTechnics of Mettler-Toledo

Tier-1 Retailer Price & Inventory Mgmt - Predictive Incentive Retail

Successfully lead SofTechnics, a subsidiary of Mettler-Toledo, in architecting a replacement for their 30 year old retail applications with an SOA-based service infrastructure supporting Enterprise Decision Management (EDM) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) initiatives.

TOGAF, Java 6, C#, XAML, XML, XSD, XSLT, WS-*, SOAP, XHTML, jQuery, CXF, Axis, ActiveMQ, ServiceMix, SEDA, Intalio, Drools, Tomcat, Spring, WebFlow, OpenJPA, MySQL, HTTP, TCP, RS-232, RFID, Linux, Mac, Windows, EA, IntelliJ, SVN, Sparx EA

Florida Blue

Blue Cross Blue Shield (Florida Blue)

Medical Insurance - Real-Time Claims

Designed a real-time claims process that doubled processing capacity with the same hardware.

Evaluated BRMS vendors for claims automation.

Sparx EA, Corticon, Drools, Blaze, JRules, OPSJ, Jess, JBoss Rules, Linux



Medical Payment Processing - Real-Time Payout

Solved a scalability problem greatly limiting the number of users supported.

Assisted in creating a roadmap for moving to a more real-time flexible system.

Java 5, jBPM, JProfiler, EDI, JBoss, Sparx EA, IntelliJ, Eclipse, Ethereal, Optimizeit, Ant, Linux

Veterans Health Administration


VHA Hospital System - Authentication/Authorization

Successfully lead the design and development of prototypes and a pilot for integration of authentication/authorization systems within a large national heterogeneous environment (VHA).

Zachman, Java 5, PAM, Kerberos, SSO, SAML, XACML, RBAC, PKI, Sparx EA, IntelliJ, Wireshark, Ethereal, BEA ALES, IBM TAM, AES/3DES, Linux

First American Title

First American Title

Title Insurance - Decentralized Integration

Reverse-engineered their .Net hub-and-spoke message router into integration patterns with recommendations on moving to an ESB in a Transition Plan.

Worked with QA on designing a test harness for automated regression testing of web service integrations.

Java 1.4, C#, XSLT, XPath, XML, XMLSpy, MISMO, IntelliJ, Rational Rose, UML, Sparx EA

Epic Cycle Interactive

Epic Cycle Interactive

Fan Management - Integration Hub

Assisted in the design and development of a CMS product line for the NFL.

Lead in the design and development of a custom ETL for NFL data migrations dramatically improving scalability.

J2SE 1.4, J2EE 1.3, Maverick MVC, Orion App Server, Oracle, MySQL, IntelliJ, JBuilder, Ant, Linux

United States Navy

US Navy


Worked with end-users to develop workflows for automating SIMA San Diego business processes.

Implemented 3-tier web application.

Java 1.1, JBuilder, SQL Server 6.5, MS Exchange Server, JetFlow