Architect-Led Design-Build


Resolving Architecture is an Architect-led design-build software-intensive system development firm. We approach development from an architecture perspective to ensure the design and resultant implementation resolves all of your desires and concerns.

A single simple contract is used to manage the entire project lifecycle along with a single point-of-contact - a seasoned architect that ensures you get what you desire by leading design AND development...our architects are hands-on project leads, project managers, business analysts, and senior developers keeping our overhead very low while ensuring the greatest means to control quality. All subcontractors, if/when needed, are managed by the architect so the client need not.

What keeps our quality high yet our prices far more competitive:

  1. • Our Architects have native language fluency of the language of the client.
  2. • Our teams are kept as small as possible so that we can compensate higher than the competition attracting the best while greatly reducing team friction and communications overhead.
  3. • Every person on our teams is a developer so there is next to no overhead.
  4. • Our organization is registered in the US although our subcontractors are global and independent.
  5. • All work is remote and thus does not require the overhead of office space.
  6. • We have a long history and strong relationships with our subcontractors.
  7. • We try to pick subcontractors in areas of the world experiencing greater than normal repression to maximize global impact.

We have successfully lead complex software-intensive system design direction through consensus in high-growth companies from bootstrapped startups to global enterprises with skills in architecture and development for organizations in commerce, financial services, healthcare, retail, advertising, defense, and security.

We specialize in distributed/ decentralized computing, scalability, security, and real-time analytics.

Our Architects collaborate with stakeholders, colleagues, vendors, business and technical subject matter experts on high risk issues driving to architectural designs and transition plans that meet stakeholders' expectations through mediation while addressing their concerns through proof-of-concepts and prototyping using an agile methodology for rapid resolution to obtain overall consensus documenting as needed.

Our Developers aim for a highly-maintainable idiomatic codebase with the least amount of code, structure, and advanced features keeping it as simple as possible.


Project Services

  • Our services are primarily geared toward startups to small-to-medium sized organizations.
  • Each service can be implemented on it's own independently while some services require others.
  • Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) accepted for payment as well as USD.

Startup CTO

Early-stage hands-on CTO/Chief Architect to get the ship sailing


An unbiased outside review of software system stakeholder alignment


Troubleshoot and fix major scalability issues

Proof of Concept

For green projects to tackle the highest risk before embarking on prototyping


The means to show a working vision


The vision on paper


What does our current architecture look like

Technology Roadmap

How do we transition from the AS-IS design to the new TO-BE




ETL, API, and system integrations


Cloud-native applications on AWS that scale

Real-Time Analytics

Plug-in, set the dials, receive actionable insight


Free development for social-good humanity projects


Weld North Education

Education Assessment

Dev + Int


Censorship Resistance

Founding Volunteer


Decentralized CDN

Startup CTO + POC + Prototype


Decentralized Healthcare



Real-Time Analytics

Scalability + POC + Prototype

InStore Finance

Alternative Finance

Roadmap + Dev + Int


Unstructured ETL

Scalability + Dev

Sherwin Williams

Enterprise Architecture


Cleveland Clinic


Phase 1 Proposal



All Services

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Real-Time Claims

Evaluation + Design


Real-Time Payout

Scalability + Roadmap



Eval + Prototype

First American Title

Decentralized Integration

Eval + Design + Roadmap

Epic Cycle Interactive

Web + ETL

Dev + Design + Scalability

US Navy


Dev + Engineering



Censorship-Resistant Web Hosting

Centralized Web
Web hosting in Iceland -


Censorship-Resistant DApp Hosting

Decentralized Cloud


Cloud Hosting

Centralized Cloud