Brian Taylor - Principal Software Architect

Specializing in distributed/decentralized computing, scalability, security, and real-time analytics.

Proven ability to successfully lead software product direction through design consensus in high-growth companies from bootstrapped startups to global enterprises. Skilled in architecture for organizations in commerce, financial services, healthcare, retail, advertising, defense, and security.

As an Architect, I collaborate with stakeholders, colleagues, vendors, business and technical subject matter experts on high risk issues driving to architectural designs and transition plans that meet stakeholders' expectations through mediation while addressing their concerns through proof-of-concepts and prototyping using an agile methodology for rapid resolution to obtain overall consensus.

R&D Services

Stakeholder consensus services for software-intensive system design.
Locations: Remote, Tucson AZ, Akron OH, San Jose CR.
Humanitarian volunteer projects as bandwidth/funds permit.

Proof of Concept

For green projects to tackle the highest risk before embarking on prototyping
100k USD | 10 BTC | 50m CRC

Prototype + Roadmap

The means to show a working and future vision
300k USD | 30 BTC | 150m CRC


Hourly largely limited to Java back-end
70-300 USD | 0.01-0.04 BTC | 40k-170k CRC


Include ETL and API work
50k-100k USD | 5-10 BTC | 25m-50m CRC


Used for an unbiased 3rd party review of a POC, Prototype, or structure to determine level of alignment with stakeholder desires and if improvements in alignment are possible.
30k USD | 3 BTC | 15m CRC

Past Projects


Decentralized Content Distribution Network


Decentralized Healthcare


Real-Time Analytics at Visa Scale

InStore Finance

Alternative Finance

VeDiscovery (Heureka)

IoT Index Security Agents & Unstructured Data Processing Scalability

Sherwin Williams

Enterprise Architecture Evaluation: Start EA Program

Cleveland Clinic

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Proposal

SofTechnics of Mettler-Toledo

Decentralized SOA/EDM/EPM Initiative

Blue Cross Blue Shield Florida

Real-Time Claims


Real-Time Payout

Veterans Health Administration


First American Title

Decentralized Integration

Volunteer Projects


Invisible Matrix Services